B.C.’s wildfire season now 2nd-worst on record

B.C.’s wildfire season now 2nd-worst on record — behind only last year.

More than 945,000 hectares have been destroyed since April 1
CBC News · Posted: Aug 26, 2018 10:13 AM PT | Last Updated: 4 hours ago
Last year, the record was set when more than 1.2 million hectares of land were destroyed by wildfire.
The new total means B.C. has gone back to back with its most destructive summers of fire.
As of Friday, more than 550 fires were burning across the province. Sixty are considered fires of note, meaning they threaten people or property or are highly visible.
Most of the notable fires are in the province’s southeast, northwest and Interior regions.
Nearly 5,000 people had been forced from their homes due to wildfire as of Thursday afternoon. Another 22,000 were under evacuation alerts.
The Shovel Lake fire, burning between Burns Lake and Prince George, is still the largest in the province at more than 91,000 hectares in size — nearly eight times the City of Vancouver.

11 thoughts on “B.C.’s wildfire season now 2nd-worst on record

  1. In our case last year, we evacuated on school buses as we don’t drive. We had our kitties with us, I was waiting for my first hip replacement, & my husband was waiting for heart surgery to replace his defib implant. Walking was difficult to say the least, so had to have my walker along with luggage.

    This year, I began packing to be ready as I did last year, but we got lucky that things, other than terrible smoke, didn’t get too close. My husband had his surgery, but again, I am waiting for my second hip replacement, & still can’t walk much…….

    I have to say though, the Red Cross was terrific with getting funds out to pay for food etc., while gone last year.


  2. Hi, Tomorrow is my last day in WL.  Here’s hoping that the rain we’ve had has had a damping effect on the fires.  Take care of yourselves… Sha’Tara, MDS volunteer. 


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