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#BuyCanadian: Pocketbook patriotism takes off amid U.S. trade tensions.

‘I’m not going to let you push my country around,’ says Winnipegger after cancelling U.S. cruise.
Bonnie Hallman of Winnipeg had been booked to board a Disney cruise next summer to bask in the untamed wilderness of Alaska, which she had longed to see since flipping through copies of the state’s tourism magazine as a teenager — until a simmering trade standoff with the U.S. forced her to rethink her travel plans.
The 53-year-old geography professor said she scrapped her dream Alaskan getaway in favour of a trip to P.E.I. shortly after President Donald Trump took aim at Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for pushing back against American tariffs on steel and aluminum.
She’s among a number of social media users who have resolved to #BuyCanadian in an effort to bolster homegrown industry amid fraying trade relations with the U.S…………..more…
Drug patents could be Canada’s special weapon in U.S. trade dispute
Taking an ‘asymmetrical’ approach and targeting U.S. intellectual property has worked in the past, experts say……….

4 thoughts on “Buy Canadian

  1. Well done Bonnie Hallman. I’m not usually a supporter of patriotism. But this is a kind of patriotism I can get behind and support. The professor is standing up against the bullying tactics of Trump. Canada isn’t an enemy nation but in fact, has shown itself time and time again to be a true friend and ally. I know the people of Britain appreciates the steadfast friendship of Canada and so should America.

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  2. Being in the lumber industry we bring in millions of board feet of lumber to the US from Canada. Trumps 20% tariff jacked all lumber, even US wood. How did that benefit Americans? Now lumber prices are up 30% since last year.

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