My Hip Replacement

My hip replacement surgery will finally happen October 27th 2017. That will be 9 months after I was told 3 to 6 months wait time, but at least it will be before the middle of winter’s snow & ice. I have to do pre-op on Oct. 18th.

My husband needs his defibrillator/pacemaker replaced within the next 5 months, & he is having his pre-op on Oct. 5th. They don’t just change the batteries…..they replace the whole unit.

I have to go north to Prince George for my surgery, & my husband has to go south to Victoria for his surgery, so we head in opposite directions. He doesn’t have his surgery date yet, so it could prove interesting if he ends up with a date close to mine. What will be, will be.

I had a right side mastectomy in 2005 & wear a prosthetic Now my right hip will be replaced with titanium, & plastic, so no matter my politics, I will be a leftist person!

My husband will continue to be the bionic man…….

14 thoughts on “My Hip Replacement

  1. My hip replacement update……

    Its a lot more involved than I ever thought. I have to start physio the day after surgery, I cannot bend any more than 90*, cannot twist, have to sit on something where my knees are lower than my hips, need a toilet riser which I have, a bath bench which I have, need household help for a minimum of 3 months with recovery taking a year. When I get to start using stairs it can only be once a day. They dislocate the hip during replacement so dislocating it for months after surgery is a very real possibility. I will get a spinal so will be awake through the operation……YIKES!!!!!

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  2. Out of hospital with new hip & staying in a motel until I can travel home.

    Pain is bad, but better than the previous pain, & this pain doesn’t get worse.

    Finally got the blood pressure into reasonable numbers & that alone makes me feel much better.

    Doctor, & nurses were wonderful, but physiotherapists were far too pushy. The hospital bed was needed so we get booted out as soon as they can.

    I miss my kitties & their purring in my ear. They kept getting into the suitcases, so we should have smuggled them in……yeah…….sure!

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