Addiction Crisis

We have a ”crisis” in our Canadian province, & elsewhere I’m sure.

Many are dying from overdoses of drugs laced with Fentanyl, a very dangerous drug. Its not just the homeless, or the ones who willingly use for recreation, or to get ”high”.

The trouble is, doctors are causing a lot of the addictions by over-prescribing opiate pain killers for people in agonizing, or sometimes not so agonizing, pain, then after a time, cutting the person off with no weaning. The person has quickly become addicted, & will go to the streets looking for relief. This makes no sense to me whatsoever.

Now government has alloted tax money to address this ”crisis” rather than spending it on adding more doctors, & operating rooms to repair the pain problems to start with!

I happen to be one of those people needing hip replacement, & in daily worsening agony, but I refuse the opiates, because I don’t choose to add addiction to my pain already. I have been in this situation steadily now for 4 years, & waiting for my surgery since formal diagnosis last September. I am 70 years old, & for some weird reason not getting any younger, & am fed up with spending my senior years waiting, with what’s left of my lifespan, for repair!

Frankly, I’m getting sick & tired of the government being in control of when we are allowed to have these fixable issues fixed!

We have very good insurance that we pay premium monthly rates for, but I can’t afford to pay for private surgery, & shouldn’t have to.

I should be bald soon…….from tearing my hair out!

………And no, running to a place of worship, falling on my arthritic knees, & praying to some non-existent deity will help, or change things!


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