Something just crossed my mind…..

I am not a political type but can’t help hearing the news everywhere, and an odd thought crossed my mind last night. 

What with scummy Trumpeter’s insultingly rude, arrogant, blowhard, lying, backstabbing, name-calling, completely disgusting attitudes, calling on foreign hackers to get busy, etc., I half wonder if this isn’t a deliberate effort to throw the US election, to make sure a woman will be president.

It sure is beginning to look to me as if he is deliberately getting ruder, & more insulting by the hour, because I think the following he’s collected has been something not quite expected, so he’s making himself worse to put people off…………..just sayin’………….

Meow  >(^-^)<


5 thoughts on “Something just crossed my mind…..

  1. Trump is getting cruder by the hour, and his followers are showing they are just as crude. But Trump has taken this election very seriously he means to win and will do anything to gain the white house. But the real scandal is the way the Democratic party leadership have screwed everything in favour of Hilary and against Bernie.

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  2. Trump appeals to American’s because he is nothing like any other person who has ever come before him to gain a nomination to run for President of the United States. He is invigorating, energetic and completely full of shit, which is a brilliant gift! He is an entertainer and that is what he is doing, entertaining the people and they are loving it!

    If he becomes President of the United States which I sincerely hope he will, he will lead the country like no other leader in the history of “Uncle Sam” has ever done!

    It will be very, very interesting!


    1. Kermit All Trump is offering is Bread and Circuses and quite a few of the American people are just fool enough to vote for him. Trouble is a Trump presidency will affect us non Americans just as badly.

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    2. If you want an ”entertainer” for your leader for the next 4 years, so be it, but be it on your own head.

      That disgusting excuse for a country’s candidate is no political leader, & I’m sure you’ll regret it if he gets in.

      The rest of us who are not of the USA are damn glad of it, but the USA influences us, like it or not, & we have no bloody vote in the matter.

      The USA is becoming a laughing stock, & respect for it is going down right quick.

      “Interesting?????” No, it isn’t!


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