Trudeau Will Seek Papal Apology

My question…..

Why, oh why, are people still catholic, & especially the people who are from these residential schools!?

Personally, I would think that anyone raised this way would be denouncing, & getting the hell out of that religion big time!

4 thoughts on “Trudeau Will Seek Papal Apology

  1. It took Australia decades to have a Prime Minister say “We’re sorry” to the original owners of the country, from whom we stole it, decimated by our genocidal, outrageous, inhuman treatment of them. Good luck, Canada.

    Catholic schools in our and many other countries are not alone in sexually abusing children. Recently “The Guardian” carried a story about the scandalous Bishop Peter Ball (!), considered by many of his flock as a “latter-day St Francis”,and his proven record of pedophilia. In an outrageous understatement the former Archbishop of Canterbury admitted that his confrère had been “guilty of unprofessional behavior”. The article courageously stated that “the Bishop may have broken his vows of chastity”, ignorant apparently of the fact that as an Anglican clergyman he had taken no such vow and oblivious to the fact that his behavior was not just unchaste but criminal.

    Why, indeed, are people still Catholic ? My blog ( has 400 posts giving them reasons to get the hell out, as I, a former Franciscan priest and theologian did, forty years ago.


    1. Thank you Frankomeara, I will look up that post. Religion of any sort has much to answer for.

      Trudeau himself is catholic, but it appears so far, that he is keeping it out of his politics.


  2. Well, I’m out, been out since the age of 14 – hope that counts for something. There be three “Powers” that rule mankind and his planet: Religion, Politics and Money, and all three scream “More!” and will never be satisfied however many crimes against humanity they commit. We need to disavow and destroy all three if we ever hope to find our freedom ever again. The counter is individual self empowerment.

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