Shooting, Killing, Murdering!!!

Rex Huppke in the Chicago Tribune:

A slaughter.

Seventeen dead. At a high school. In America

It has happened before, it happened Wednesday and it will happen again.

Why? Because nothing. We do nothing.

School shooting. Nothing.

School shooting. Nothing.

School shooting. Nothing.…


Dawn Wouldn’t Exist

As a lifelong night person, morning to me is a four letter word. I hate mornings & prefer to avoid anything before 10:00 a.m., which is plenty early enough for my comfort level.

Over the last several months, I’ve had to have tests, see doctors, see specialists, & have hip replacement.

Many of these appointments were also out of town, which naturally has transportation in the….you guessed it….mornings.

Now, what could possibly be the issue with some of these things happening in the afternoon?

Of course where doctors are concerned, I guess it would interfere with their golf game, but you’d think once in awhile, since we basically pay their wages, they could accommodate our personal hours. I can’t explain the transportation people.

Sooooooo, if it wasn’t for the medical people, & transportation staff, the dawn wouldn’t be cracked, & therefore wouldn’t exist!.

That’s my story, & I’m sticking to it!

My Hip Replacement

My hip replacement surgery will finally happen October 27th 2017. That will be 9 months after I was told 3 to 6 months wait time, but at least it will be before the middle of winter’s snow & ice. I have to do pre-op on Oct. 18th.

My husband needs his defibrillator/pacemaker replaced within the next 5 months, & he is having his pre-op on Oct. 5th. They don’t just change the batteries…..they replace the whole unit.

I have to go north to Prince George for my surgery, & my husband has to go south to Victoria for his surgery, so we head in opposite directions. He doesn’t have his surgery date yet, so it could prove interesting if he ends up with a date close to mine. What will be, will be.

I had a right side mastectomy in 2005 & wear a prosthetic Now my right hip will be replaced with titanium, & plastic, so no matter my politics, I will be a leftist person!

My husband will continue to be the bionic man…….

Fire Update


The smoke stretches for many kilometers/miles.


The wildfire situation is continually evolving and the information below is current as of 12:00 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 10, 2017.


  • There are currently 166 wildfires burning in British Columbia.
  • Since April 1, 2017, there have been a total of 1,225 wildfires in the province that have burned approximately 1,168,910 hectares.
  • Detailed information on wildfires of note is updated throughout the day at:

Crews and equipment:

  • There are 3,087 firefighters and other personnel currently fighting the fires. This includes:
    • 303 from out of province
    • 1,413 contractors
  • There are 128 helicopters and planes supporting ground crews to fight the British Columbia fires.

Evacuations and impact:

  • There are currently 15 evacuation orders and 29 evacuation alerts related to wildfires. For further information, visit:
  • Evacuation routes are determined by local governments in consultation with the BC Wildfire Service.
  • There are approximately 4,302 current evacuees due to wildfires.

1168910 hectares = 4513.187 square miles

Area burned larger than the state of Ohio, & still burning.

Comparison map of British Columbia with Ohio….

Wildfire Evacuee Status

British Columbia wildfire season has been devastating, & the season has barely begun. Global warming, & extremely dry conditions have affected our forestry, the ranches, farms, & wildlife.

A province wide state of emergency was declared on July 7th/2017, & very quickly evacuations began. 46,000 have been evacuated from several towns, villages, & our city of Williams Lake was ordered evacuated July 15th. The smoke has been absolutely terrible, & many of the fires were lightning caused. The hectares burnt is unfathomable.

We got out on July 11th as we don’t drive, are disabled, & preferred to leave on the provided school buses to do so, rather than waiting to be ordered to leave within 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 2 hours, whatever.

This way we were able to pack some necessities, our pet carriers, food, & head north to Prince George, with our 2 kitties. Our son happens to live here so we had a place to go as many did not, but as we all had to register at reception centers, many found places to stay with Prince George residents, RV parks, & the remaining people are staying in the university gymnasiums, etc. We are also registered with the Canadian Red Cross. As of today, we are 10,000 in Prince George alone.

We are fortunate that the Red Cross & the people here in town have been marvelous with their out-pouring of care & offers for laundry services, entertainments, things for kids, pets stations, etc., free of charge. We have all been provided with vouchers for groceries/personal necessities, & the government has provided an allowance for our son to house us for the duration. Anyone caught short when leaving at the last minute have also been provided with clothing vouchers.

Rescue has been provided for pets lefts behind, & many with horse trailers have rescued horses. Thanks to the SPCA, & private citizens.

Today marks a full 2 weeks since we left home, & it finally looks like things are beginning to get controlled enough for us to perhaps get the news we could begin getting back to our lives. It will have to happen slowly as we can’t all go home at once, but we’re trying very hard not to get anxious.

On the lighter side, we have our 2 kitties with us, our son has 5 cats, & a dog, so its rather an interesting time, but better than having our cats in their carriers all the time. We have our own bedroom, & the cats “argue” with each other under the door, & the dog just barks.

Since fences have burnt, there are cattle all over the roads, so going home could be an interesting ride.

We want to whole-heartedly thank the city of Prince George, the Red Cross, the courteous bus driver who lifted me onto the bus because I couldn’t manage the steep stairs, & everyone who has been so helpful during this dreadful time.

Most of all, we especially want to thank our son, for driving us around on his days off work, providing us with a safe place, good food, & his usual fun company.

Patricia (mum) 


Addiction Crisis

We have a ”crisis” in our Canadian province, & elsewhere I’m sure.

Many are dying from overdoses of drugs laced with Fentanyl, a very dangerous drug. Its not just the homeless, or the ones who willingly use for recreation, or to get ”high”.

The trouble is, doctors are causing a lot of the addictions by over-prescribing opiate pain killers for people in agonizing, or sometimes not so agonizing, pain, then after a time, cutting the person off with no weaning. The person has quickly become addicted, & will go to the streets looking for relief. This makes no sense to me whatsoever.

Now government has alloted tax money to address this ”crisis” rather than spending it on adding more doctors, & operating rooms to repair the pain problems to start with!

I happen to be one of those people needing hip replacement, & in daily worsening agony, but I refuse the opiates, because I don’t choose to add addiction to my pain already. I have been in this situation steadily now for 4 years, & waiting for my surgery since formal diagnosis last September. I am 70 years old, & for some weird reason not getting any younger, & am fed up with spending my senior years waiting, with what’s left of my lifespan, for repair!

Frankly, I’m getting sick & tired of the government being in control of when we are allowed to have these fixable issues fixed!

We have very good insurance that we pay premium monthly rates for, but I can’t afford to pay for private surgery, & shouldn’t have to.

I should be bald soon…….from tearing my hair out!

………And no, running to a place of worship, falling on my arthritic knees, & praying to some non-existent deity will help, or change things!